An Introduction to Collective Algorithmic Music Composition


Special thanks to: damien, ETA25, Troy Wallace Hodges, j. faceless user, grantmichaels, Patrick, Tom, Benjamin Schreib, Paul Holliday, Hussein Boon, Mike Brake, Albert J. Condarco, Rob Crowther, Bob Watson, Ricky Rowland, Dean Faulk, Mike Brake, Guy Anthony De Marco, Micah Chartier, Gregory M. Yates, vogre, Adam, Erik, 김은평, Israel Rodríguez, Keith Burke, Kevin Youkhana, Rikka, Sergio Guillermo Serrano, Takumi Motoike, Payton Cuddy, Michael OBannon, Dongwoo Kim, Patrick McMaster, Jay Cooprider, Cindy Wong, Samuel Kleiner, Roberto Alonso Cortina del Río and Paul Havig.

This wouldn't exist without the support of these people.

Scripthica uses a variety of open source libraries and software such as JQuery Terminal ( and BiwaScheme ( among others. Special thanks to all the developers that have contributed to the open source software that is used in Scripthica. Special thanks to computer music researchers that have inspired Scripthica such as David Cope, Heinrich Taube and the Common Music developers, Andrew Brown among others.

Special thanks to Hernani Villaseñor & Alberto Cerro from Centro Multimedia of CENART (, Elihú Garret from Taller de Live Coding de la ESFM, Eduardo Espinosa Avila from UNAM and to the Mexican and International Computer Music & Live Coding Community for their support of this project.